The Effects of the use of Internet in Education

School systems have attempted to adapt to the availabiltiy of information via internet that students have developed. The effects of the internet on modern education can be seen in or out of our school systems. As one of today’s pressing developments, the convenience and vastness of the internet have caused stir in positive and negative ways.

Today a professor may give a research based project. A student could likely have finished gathering information within the week, whereas twenty years ago this would have required hefty armfuls of books to isolate the desired facts. Now, we can pinpoint the media we want and save it without more than a few clicks. This makes our potential knowledge of the subject significantly higher, but leaves wide open the opportunity for repetition rather than comprehension to at least the degree to which books do. Benefits are available, if the individuals choose to utilize them.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) has become a common diagnosis over the past years, possibly traceable to the constant overstimulation of students in and out of school: During homework time most students enjoy a little social networking online, some texting, and playing music from their favorite site or iPod. ADHD is often a limiting factor on the ability to retain information due to the lack of focus.

Many students find internet as a useful way to feed their curiosity. If you were to, say, wonder what people think about the effects of internet on education, everyone’s good friend, Google, could be to the rescue without even stopping to think. A student whose school does not offer Italian could go online to find Italian lessons on podcast to download free to their iPod. The internet is useful in expanding students’ education beyond their school’s set curriculum.

The use of internet based technology in schools can save time and materials. Paper free tests save money as well as time, with automatic grading systems and no use of paper. Another helpful tool, called ‘Infinite Campus’ is an online system with which students, parents, and teachers can view an individual’s grades, assignments, and fees (the system is password protected) from anywhere and at anytime. With the downside of extra training time most, including myself, would consider tech gear a good thing for education systems.

In the end, issues caused by the internet are general misuse. To overstimulate oneself may not be intentional, but is preventable. When used properly, the internet can be a great educational tool.