The Role Education Plays in Writing and Research

To understand the role that education plays in writing and researching, you need to know the definition of “education”. Education is the “The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, esp. at a school or university: ‘a new system of public education'” says Google Definitions.

According to this definition provided by Google Definitions, education  is basically knowledge that teachers and professors impart to students. Examples of education include sciences, language arts, and math. All of these aspects of education can play a big role in both researching and also writing and can also improve a person’s research material and the clarity and style of writing.

Education can give a boost or a head start to a research paper. Previously acquired education can help build a foundation upon which the research paper and material can be based off of. It is  a lot more easier if you have a background information on a research topic rather than being being newly exposed to a topic.

For example, say that you are working on a science project about finding level of glucose in a glass of water with refraction. It would be great for you if have taken a physics coarse or even a math coarse such as Algebra 2. But if you have taken only minimal difficulty courses, you may have a difficulty trying to work out the problems that occur along the project. 

Education can also help also help in writing skills. Education provided by Language Arts and English teachers can enhance your writing, making it more descriptive and vivid. While writing an essay, you will require the knowledge about where to put punctuation marks such as commas, periods, and quotation marks and also where to put descriptive inserts such as appositives, particles, and gerund phrases. The “knowledge” that is required is provided through education and is, in fact, what we mean by when say the word “education”. 

Education is a very fundamental tool when tackling research papers and when writing an essay or any other piece of writing. It guides you and gives you a foundation or a basis to start off of and continue on. When writing a research paper or a piece of writing, one should always consider consulting a teacher before starting the work.

Some educational websites and your teachers can always help build and strengthen the foundation upon which the writing is going to be based off of. And as a adage says, ” If the foundation is strong, the structure is going to be strong”.