The Roots of School Violence

The year is 2013 and it seems to be a hot topic these days to discuss school violence. School violence can be anything from bullying to an adult walking through the school firing an automatic weapon. What makes people do this? Is it because their mother did not love them enough or is it cowardice? Some people think that violence sometimes has to be responded to with violence. But that is problematic in these days of law suit happy parents. Educators have to keep attorneys on retainers because of something that might be determined unsatisfactory by the parents. Can you imagine adding being defensive to the mix?

School districts have done a myriad of different strategies and have been doing them for several years now to prevent any such violence without showing any real successes. People are now starting to ask “why?”. The answer lies within that there is no real guidance from the States nor the willingness to fund new programs. This is just insanity to sit back and hope these problems go away.

The American family is broken in 2013. One could almost certifiably back track the problems of shooters and students acting improperly at schools to some kind of family dysfunction.There are needs that the American families are crying out for. Are they being addressed? NO. There are children in America with no homes, no clothes, no food, mentally ill, and the list goes on. Many days children come to school just to get warm and eat. If you had those problems would you care about learning about your heritage? The States argue that they pour out money to specific programs to fulfill those needs. but the States are not treating the source of the problems. This is kind of like getting shot in the foot and putting a band-aid on your hand. But who am I to say, I am just a lowly teacher. My degree is on teaching children, not government.

Everyday one can see people entering school property unchecked, children disciplined unequally, fences and doors unlocked, teachers and staff ignoring the children to chat on cell phones. The list goes on and anyone can see these problems with an untrained eye. Could you imagine someone with a trained eye looking at schools. Studies have been done that say if you make someone accountable for their actions and there is a consequence for committing the incorrect actions then a person is less likely to do such things. For example if a second grader brings a pocket knife to school then the second grader should be suspended and his or her parents fined. but that rule needs to be applied from Pre-K- and up. no tiptoeing around the rules.

Parents should penalized for their children’s misbehavior because they are responsible for that child, period. America has stiffer penalties for animal owners when animals misbehave than parents with children that misbehave. Humans definitely have the God given talents of distinguishing right from wrong. Fines sound like funding opportunities. Maybe it would act like a sin tax. However, nothing is going to get done until there is some common unity and agreement on how this to be handled. Americas voice is still not loud enough for the government to hear.