The use of Uniforms in Public Schools

The use of uniforms in public schools can alleviate feelings of inferiority in young children.  As it stands now, poor children have been placed on a tightrope and told to balance themselves as best they can during their educational endeavors.  However, when they start tittering on the verge of falling off, we begin to wonder what happened to cause this maladjustment.  Furthermore, these young charges look at their affluent counterparts with hopeless abandon when comparing themselves to them. 

Still, they invariably become upset when their own attire don’t mesh with the designer clothes they see paraded before them on a daily basis.  Thus, for a school system to alleviate these feelings of inferiority and their attendant problems, it should introduce a standard mode of dress into school policy that will eliminate those inferior feelings that are manifested by far too many poor students today.

We need more public schools in this country to follow the example of the Long Beach Public School System.  By making it mandatory for all public school students to wear uniforms we can reduce the rash of violence we have seen unveiled before our eyes.  Additionally, school uniforms will improve the self-esteem as well as self-worth of poor students who all too often finds themselves pawns in the hands of a top-heavy bureaucracy.

Requiring public school students to wear uniforms will eliminate the bullying and threats that is all too common in our nation’s public schools.  Schools should be oasis of learning and not some paramilitary training ground where troops prepare themselves for a brave new world.  Also, it will eliminate the stress in the classroom and make learning a more enjoyable experience.

The use of uniforms in public schools will improve the solidarity of the student population.  Learning should be a welcoming experience.  There shouldn’t be any distractors that would violate a student’s space; a student should be able to walk into his school with his head held high and challenge the rest of his classmates with this attitude toward learning.

Finally, the use of uniforms in public schools will see a new day for the student.  No more will he be intimidated by his difference or his lack, but will be able to showcase what is needed to make the  public schools havens of learning instead of training grounds for soldiers of fortune.  Uniforms are needed because they will put all public school students on an equal footing.  And the day will come when violence will be a thing of the past.