Tips for a Successful Open Day

The open day is usually one of the most important educational events, both for the school and the future student. It’s a day full of pressure for the teachers, who have to coordinate all the organization, demonstrative lessons and staff, but also for guests, who find themselves in an unfamiliar place full of unknown people. However, there are some tips for persons, who would be interested to attend different open days to acquire information about schools (or universities) and to decide their future in studying.

The first one is to write down in a piece of paper, before the open day, every question and curiosity that fills your mind; subjects, schedules, activities, duties, services. Try to ask these questions both to students and teachers to have a complete vision of the place; it’s always better to consider everyone’s opinion. Another hint would be to relate with students and teachers (or professors), to already have a little self-confidence with that new environment.

Obviously, it’s always good to go to the support services of open days, which illustrate in a friendly and helpful manner every part of the school and education.Another good thing to do is to take some programs folders full of information, explications and maps, to always have something to consult even after the event. If you’re too shy to ask something, try to go there with a friend that supports you and do some of your requests. Another good thing is to explore the structure and analyze school’s conditions; take a good look on the gyms, on the toilets, the classrooms, the lockers, the cafeteria, the library. Ask about the different school clubs; maybe you should find one that gathers your attention.

If you are a nearly high-school graduate that will attend a college, check out the courses that tickles your interest; there are plenty in universities, therefore it’s always a good thing to have an idea about your future choice. Try to explore also college dormitories, the great libraries, the green zones, the cafeterias, to have a full knowledge of the place and of your choice. Ask to university students, who are part of your interested course, about their exams, their subjects, their opinions; it’s very important to know how will be your future path. Before to go in any open day, you should see the school presentation in its own website and see if it’s the right school for you.

There are some tips also for the teachers and organizers. First, you have to be calm and relaxed for two reasons; one, if your students realize about your insecurity they’ll take advantage on you; two, if guests see your uncertainty and anxiety certainly will have a bad consideration about you, and, most of all, of the school. Therefore if you are a sensitive one, it’s better to do simpler and more relaxing things.

The second important hint is to coordinate perfectly the organization of the staff and of the support services, maybe through the help of walkie-talkie; a good organization is synonym of seriousness and competence. Another important tip is to make presentations and demonstrative lessons about stimulating topics that propel guests to enroll at your school (or university). It’s a good thing to adorn your classroom with decorations and pictures pertinent to your subject. The students have to come, during open day, with good clothes, but not with elegant dresses or outfits, instead with simplicity and spontaneity; many people like that.

Finally, the last, but not the less important, is to always smile and be available for everyone; a constructive and positive environment is the first step for a future enrollment and a good behavior.