Tips for Incorporating Social Skills into a Home Schooling Schedule

Social skills are vital for survival in today’s world. Social skills are easier for some people than they are for others. Some people have mixed feelings about which is best for children, public school or home schooling. Some people feel that those who choose to home school their children are just lazy and they do not care about their child’s education as much as people who have their children enrolled in public schools. Some people feel that children who are home schooled, do not get the advantages of socializing with children their own age, like they would if they were enrolled in a public or even a private school with other children. There are many ways that a home schooling parent can incorporate social skills into a home schooling schedule. There are many parents around the world who have chosen for one reason or another, to home school their children. These families can get together in their local communities and plan some amazing field trips to educate their children to help them learn social skills.

Some families where there is a child with special needs in the home, might find it easier and less stressful for the child, and maybe even the rest of the family, to home school them to minimize the stress and the anxiety level for the child. This way the parent or parents can have total involvement and decision making when it comes to the child’s education. When incorporating social skills into a home schooling schedule, there are so many different opportunities available to help children of all ages learn these skills. Depending on what age level you are working with, you might have your child come with you to the grocery store for example and when you get to the check out line, you can have your child put all of your groceries up on the belt and have them interact with the checker and have the checker do the money transaction with your child to help him or her learn how the transaction is done. This will be a very educational learning experience that will help not only with the child’s social skills, but it will help them to learn other skills like math as well.

Social skills are not as easy for some people to learn. Some people with Autism or Aspergers Syndrome, really struggle to learn how to be, “socially acceptable”. This can be very emotionally traumatic for not only the families of these people, but the person with the diagnosis as well, because they are not able to see that there is anything out of the ordinary from anything else and they have a hard time adapting. These skills are not taught in the current public school system and it takes someone with knowledge, patience and understanding to help these people to learn social skills.