Top tips for saving money on kids’ school clothes

Shopping for children’s school clothes can be a very expensive trip to make. While costs of clothes continue to increase, kids are still destroying them as fast as you get them. There is no need to spend a fortune to send your child back to school when there are many options for saving money on school clothes.

Shopping end of season is one of the best ways to save on school clothing. When a new season is on its way, stores are eager to get rid of their remaining merchandise and offer incredible deals that can save you hundred of dollars on clothing. You should also consider shopping right after major holidays for extra special sales.

Buying clothes can be especially difficult once the child reaches the age of name brand. Everything must be a certain brand, or your child can not possibly make it another day. Since you are paying for the name as well as the actual clothing item, these name brands clothes can be terribly expensive. However, there are many discount retailers such as T.J. Maxx that sale the name brands kids love at a fraction of department store prices. Although some of these items may be from last season or have a slight imperfection, it is nothing noticeable. Shopping at one of these discount retailers can save some serious cash, and please your child at the same time.

Consider a children’s consignment shop for your child’s back to school clothing needs. Often you will find name brand things and brand new clothing items, with tags still attached. Prices vary, but are always considerably less than retail prices. You can find items for both boys and girls in all sizes, and since these stores have strict policies on the consigned items, you can rest assured you will find quality clothing.  

Host a clothing exchange in your city. Advertise a date and time where other friends or members of the community bring their gently used, no longer needed children’s clothing.Perhaps you can offer drinks or snacks. Choose a number of items each person must bring. Set clothing up on rack’s tables separated by gender and size. Allow each person to choose the same number of items as they brought in. This is a great way to get rid of the clothing you no longer need while getting new things for your child, all for free. You can also meet new people and have a great time socializing.