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“Busy Teacher’s Cafe” is a great site, but since it is an educational area, it should have been edited prior to being posted on the web! “Teacher’s” should be “Teachers'”, making it plural possessive!

Now, with that said, it must be noted that there are plentiful resources and themes to work from. Why reinvent the wheel, when there are so many free printables? Sometimes, when teachers go to such a site, they get ideas, even if only some of the resources are used. It is wonderful, since it is a place where brainstorming occurs, without needing human interaction; some feel that they get enough of that at work! Seriously, the brainstorming comes from the creative mind of individuals, as they search and make connections, those which children will respond to.

Busy Teacher’s Cafe even has classroom-management forms that will make each teacher more organized. Calendars, charts, and newsletters are provided, as well as discipline or behavioral forms.Unlike other sites, where just language arts and math are included, this site allows the Spanish teachers to gain information, while pleasing the literacy teachers with graphic organizers and a writing workshop, as well, within the literacy strategies resource area. There are tools available so that teachers may create their own class website, a separate page where the information changes monthly, as well as “mini-offices, which you just have to learn about! There are so many other areas such as “author studies” and a “pen pal exchange”! Educators will be so pleased when they search and experiment within all of these valuable tools that this website provides; one cannot help but to have fun while planning, using the Busy Teacher’s Cafe!

There are theme activities under various content areas as well as, graphics and clip art, which is, in itself, a bonus! Teachers will not be disappointed as they see, for example, the old-fashioned school pages that can used on web pages, newsletters, or on notes that will go home to the parents. Even the “Back to School” page is a delight! As educators investigate various teacher sites on the web, there will be similarities, but it is these “differences” that will make evident what makes a page unique.

Is the website easy to navigate and find the resources needed? Is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye and simple, as well? These are the things that make sites, such as so wonderful! Many sites have so much information that it is mind-boggling and almost confusing. The information is clear and concise and will be useful to all teachers that use this site. Do not forget that is reputable and professional. Isn’t it great that you stumbled upon this article so that your life will be easier? It really will be, as one’s lesson plans become evident, as clear as a pane of glass!