What happens when you Remove the Creativity Factor from Knowledge

Being creative is more important than having knowledge. Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

A man who’s knowledge exceeds most, thinks that being creative is more important than knowledge. Why? well if you look at the perspective that in order for you to create something, you need to be creative. Things don’t get invented by knowing something, they get created through knowing something, and then thinking to yourself “how can I apply that knowledge to help make something new.” Without the creation of things, new knowledge can’t be obtained, therefore a removal of creativity would cause a giant halt in new creations, causing human society to remain stagnant in it’s advances in technology.

If you take the invention of iPhone, you notice that Steve Jobs didn’t create a new piece of technology, he just took previous inventions and combined them into a phone. Without this type of innovative thinking the iPhone would never be created. Steve Jobs had one of the most creative minds, his invention of Siri was all based on creative thinking, while also having the knowledge of what technology to be used.

Without the pairing of both creativity and knowledge, one can’t exist without the other. New knowledge can’t be discovered without someone having the idea of somehow discovering that knowledge, using creative means to do so.

You could apply this philosophy to any other invention, you could go to the extreme of saying the wheel would not be invented if someone was not creative enough. People during that time might have knowledge that round things roll, but they might not of applied that knowledge to create the wheel, because they weren’t creative enough. Someone after that time had to be creative enough to say “lets attach that wheel to a bigger object” trial and error occurs and eventually what you get is a horse drawn carriage.

Knowledge, without creativity, causes the former to be totally useless. Without creativity, new knowledge can’t exist. Without knowledge, creative thinking is just useless thinking that bears no meaning, or logical sense. The combination of the two are essential, they both need to co-exist in this world if progress is to made, and if new advances in human technology are to be invented.