What is a Mathnasium and how can it Benefit your Children

Mathnasium is a North American educational brand that has over 300 learning franchises across the US and Canada.  The aim is for children to improve their math skills by attending one of the centers two or three times a week.  The lessons help children to gain a better understanding of math and to be less intimidated of the subject.  Lessons are targeted at children of all ages, right through from early education to those students who are in high school.  There are many benefits for a child who attends a Mathnasium and these are backed up by results, parental reviews and statistics.  

Mathnasium show their results in both quantitative and qualitative forms.  Research from 2004 until the present day (undergone by EyeCues Education Systems) shows that the lessons at Mathnasium are effective 100% of the time.  This has been proven in the results of standards-based tests that the students have sat within twenty lessons.  Also, students’ grade levels increased by at least on grade following attendance at Mathnasium.  Specific details and yearly reports of these results are available on the Mathnasium website.

Qualitative research shows how the parents of Mathnasium feel about their experiences and their child’s learning.  Results of a poll, undertaken as part of a national study in 2010, support the quantities evidence.  98% of parents felt that their child’s math skills and understanding had improved since attending the course and 89% agreed that it had helped to improve their child’s attitude to math.  98% of parents questioned felt that there us a satisfactory quality of instruction, while 89% agreed that there were regular, meaningful and relevant reports about the progress that their child was making.  Furthermore, 90% of the students felt that the work was set at an appropriate level for their ability and 98% were happy with the atmosphere in relation to being a good learning environment.  Finally, both the parents and the children were asked about whether they were satisfied with the overall learning experience.  In response to this question, 97% of parents and 98% of children agreed that it had been satisfactory.

Benefits of attending a Mathnasium can also reach further than the educational benefits that are expected from an educational brand.  It can also help to improve a child’s social skills, communication, independent thinking, reasoning skills and confidence.  Therefore, the overall experience and benefits for a child attending a Mathnasium can be excellent to both their educational and personal development.