Why Harlequin Romances Attact Readers

Harlequin romance novels have been around for many years and are very popular reading material. Women love getting involved in a Harlequin romance. Why? Women love romance, plain and simple. Women love the thought of someone being so romantic. They love the drama that unfolds in the juicy Harlequin world. They love the passion.

There is always what is described as a tall, dark and handsome man or a bronze and blonde heartthrob who is wooing the woman of his dreams. Every woman reading the book wants to be the woman character in the book that is going to win this sexy creature.

The male characters in the books always have the qualities that a woman is looking for in her real life man – such as handsome, sexy and swooning over her every need. Women want a man that pays attention to them and goes out of his way to please them, just as the Harlequin male character does in the books. Women love the thought of being treated tenderly and passionately by the male sex.

Usually the settings in the books are something that is out of the majority of the readers’ grasp. There is something about mansions and fancy hotels that appeal to a woman’s passionate side. There are always lavish gifts being given from the male characters. In the majority of most women’s lives, that kind of treatment is just a fantasy. However, if a woman reads a Harlequin novel, she can put herself in the female character’s role as she is reading and satisfy her mental fantasy.

There are always happy endings in the Harlequin novels and the woman character gets the man of her dreams and all the frills that go along with it. If a woman can’t have those things in her real life, she can simply put herself in the character’s shoes as she lives her fantasy through the novel.

Usually, the Harlequin novels’ characters are from well-to-do backgrounds and money is not an object. Women like the idea of money not being an issue, and if money is an issue in a woman’s real life, she can escape that issue as she gets lost in the novel and in the characters of the novel.

Harlequin novels are a great escape for the woman who is longing for the kind of life she feels she may never have. They can boost a woman’s self esteem by making her feel as beautiful and wanted as the character in the novel. The best thing about it is Harlequin keeps the fantasy alive, novel after novel after novel. It’s never-ending drama, passion and romance, and that’s what a lot of women admire about the novels.