Why Installing Cameras in Exam Halls cannot Stop Students Cheating

Oh, the foolish who think that installing cameras are going to keep students from cheating on tests. It seems like a good idea in theory, but you cannot possibly put cameras into a room, or a hall, and expect the students to be so stupid as to reveal what they are doing. There are just too many ways that kids can cheat these days, and get away with it. Technology just makes it too hard to keep kids from cheating, and getting away with it.

I remember taking a class once, and the teacher said he allowed headphones during the test, or at least he used to. One year a kid tried cheating by getting the answers to the test by reciting them as tracks. The teacher said he only became suspicious because the kid kept pressing the track button on his CD player. If he had acted cooler, it would have been a successful scam.

Most teachers will give students tests that are basically the same questions, or some variation of the question, that have been discussed in class. So that right there means kids don’t really have to cheat, they just have to memorize a few questions, and hope that they are good at remembering exactly what the teacher says.

Kids aren’t going to be stupid as to merely write the answer to the questions on their arms. If they get the answers to the test, they will just post it on the Internet, and everyone will study the answers to the test before the test starts. It won’t take much more skill than to remember that the answers to the first questions are all C, and the next answer is B and so on.

Could you even install cameras in an exam hall to begin with? There would be serious security concerns whenever a camera is installed into a classroom. What happens when a teacher, or camera operator becomes enamored with the cute girl in the back row, and decides to just tape her instead of the class? Not that it would happen often, but it does happen, and that would be a concern I would have as a student, or a parent of a student.

When you think about it, high school isn’t that hard that you should need to cheat to pass. College isn’t always that hard either. You won’t get straight A’s all the time, but you don’t need them to get by, or to even be a success. Some classes you will take, and get a C, and still think you did a good job. It happens, so you don’t need to cheat, and teachers should resort to something besides cameras to stop it if they are so concerned.