Why is Attending a Single Sex School College or University the best way to Educate your Child

What is a single-sex school one may ask. Single-sex school is a school that is meant for only a particular gender.

Far back before the 19th century, single-sex schools were universal; all over
the world. Gradually, countries like Russia, then America, soon the whole world began introducing co-ed schools and before you know it, only a few countries round the globe had not more than two percent single-sex schools.

There is no doubt that most people believe that attending a single-sex school is harmful to children. One of their reasons for this is because they feel that most children who attend a single-sex school end up as lesbians or homosexuals. Therefore, they ignore the benefits of a single-sex school. Without a second thought, they dump their children in mixed schools ignoring the dangers which I think are more harmful than that of a single-sex school.

Attending a single-sex school has numerous benefits. Firstly, it does not promotes immoral habits such as early sex which can result in teenage pregnancy and teenage parenting but mixed schools promotes this due to the availability of the opposite sex. If victims involved are unlucky, they could end up acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) such as HIV/AIDS.

In a sense, attending a single-sex school can make the students lead modest lives. Also, attending a single-sex school builds up self confidence and increases keen competition.  Following this, it reduces shyness since students do not feel shy when they are
among the same sex group.

In a single-sex school, students are more likely to work very hard together when given team or group work; there is less of a tendency to become distracted (perhaps by opposite sex). They feel more at ease to share ideas since they are in groups of the same gender.

The vogue today, as far as discipline is concerned is single-sex schools. The level of discipline in all boys’ or all girls’ school is very high; therefore It is
likely that your life will be positively sharpened.

Allow me to illustrate: Usually the way a boy should be disciplined is totally different from the way a girl should be disciplined due to differences in gender. However, in a mixed school, in order to maintain fairness, boys are given the same punishment as girls.

On the contrary, in a single-sex school, while still maintaining fairness girls or boys are punished the way they should; boys being the rebellious gender are punished with a little more toughness.

Most people want their children to grow up living a responsible, respectful and disciplined life. It is a single-sex school that can give their children the opportunity to be disciplined. A mixed school only denies them the opportunity.

These and many other facts indicate that a single-sex school is of more benefits when compared to a mixed gender school. For example, given that schools primarily purpose is to “educate”,  distraction from the opposite
sex and shyness does not give students the chance to get good education.