All Children no Matter where they come from are Equal and we should Treat them – Yes

How can it be fair for children of the wealthy to be able to go to the best school’s and the children of poor people have to go to the school’s that are available in their area. The children are the leaders of tomorrow and all children should have the best advantage’s they can possible get to further their education. Not to allow these children to excel and become the best they can be is morally wrong.
How can we as parent’s tell any one’s child that it’s not our problem they should have been born rich. The opportunities available to the wealthy should be available to all children. Who knows one of these children could be the scientist to develop a cure for cancer or aids. By holding them back we are signing our own death warrant.
All through history it’s been the children who have suffered, and it’s time that America stands up and fights for her children. I for one say that all children have a constitutional right to receive the best education they can even if we the people of the United States have to pay for it. They use our money to kill baby’s but they can’t use our money to give these children the best education they possible can?
How can we say that we care about them if we know their not receiving the same education as the children of the wealthy? Until we can honestly say that all children are treated equally, we should write our congressmen and do everything we can to see that the public school system’s in all neighborhoods have the same goal’s and equipment to teach our future generation’s.
No child has to ever feel that we don’t care about their education or that they are not good enough in the riches country in the world why do we treat our children as second class citizen’s? We feel sorry for the children in under developed country’s and try to help them so why do we turn our backs on our own children? Instead of spending all our money own helping other country’s why don’t we help the children in our country receive a better education? What kind of message are we sending them? Your poor so we don’t care if you learn or not but let’s go help those other country’s children. How is that fair we should help our own before we go and worry about someone else’s problem’s.
My family lives in one county and my children go to school in another county because the school system in our county sucks. We have to pay a tuition of four hundred a child eight hundred a year I know to a lot of you that’s cheap but for my family it’s hard to come up with that money every year before school starts and still buy new school clothes. Most of the time I have to borrow it and pay it back all year but I fell that its worth it. My girls receive a better education than they would have I should know I went to the school in my county.