Black History Month

Black History Month. A month tribute to black heroes and heroins that help make America what it is today. So where are the ceremonies and parades? What new monument is being built to honor one of this countries many black esteemed heroes? No where. None. It doesn’t exist. For many years the month of February has been deemed as “Black History Month.” The month to inform many Americans of facts and figures of who and what significance the Blacks have had on this country, except we have not used it as such. We have ignored the use of its supposed exposure and forgotten why the month was significant and crucial to our culture.

Many years ago films of Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, and even Rosa Parks played on standard television as way to give a quick informative chronicle of what the culture of African Americans did. Reputable resources weren’t actually given but some acknowledgement was noted. Classes across the country would host Black History week to give young minds information of the the people and changes Blacks have made. However, now students are learning less and less about African American history. Even with the evolvement of the internet the interest of other cultures are less likely to be desired to be informed of and we find this country dividing.

In 2008 history was made when Barack Obama took the office of presidency . He was the first of forty-nine presidents whose ancestors were of only partial European decent. You would assume then the month known as Black History month would be celebrated more than ever before. Although his position was certainly a milestone, unfortunately the month of February has become just another month and remains secondary. So what purpose in 2012 does this “themed” month serve?

The fact is black (or African American) history is history. Why is it separate from American history anyway? Immigrants, Indians, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and everyone in between are what make this country united in the United States. The month to “celebrate” is no longer needed but the study of all cultures that shaped this country is. It is vital that we inform ourselves and generations to come of all the history that help produced the Red, White, and Blue. Let us use technology for the good and dominate social networks and television for a positive tool to spread the achievements of not just African Americans but all cultures. The more we are informed, the better people we will be. Maybe February could be the month we can salute ourselves as one. Americans.