Board Games and Online Games that are Educational

Parents as well as teachers play an important role in the education of their children. When children see parents playing games that are full of violence that is the kind of games they want to play as well.  Teachers have their work cut out for them at times trying to keep children engaged in educational games. The games need to be ones that really keep the students attention for their age level.

Online Games

PBS kids  

Games on this website are geared for younger children. They have games that include shapes and math. They even have games that include Super Hero’s that will trigger younger children’s interest.  These games include characters that are seen on the PBS channel for the children’s programming. These educational games are at many different age levels for children.


Games on this website are very animated and are all the characters children love to watch on TV. There are many different games like puzzles, math, shapes; and games that make children learn how to use the mouse for a computer. There are stories that they can read along with.


This site teaches concepts to students. They have games that introduce things such as inertia and physics. There are games that teach children to recycle and take care of the earth they live on. One of their most popular games is bowling. Their games also include word play and they also have interactive games, puzzles and crafts as well.

Academic Skill Builders

This site has games for children in grades 1 through 6. There are many different subjects. They include Math, Money, Time, Geography, Language Arts and even Typing. There is a section for tracking success  and even teacher stories that are sharing their success stories. They work hard to make students know their math, for example, to be able to finish the game properly. Therefore learning is taking priority over the game.

Board games are excellent educational games to be used with students, too. They teach many students how to take turns and share and are great for teaching rules. Thinking skills are a great thing to pass on to students.

Board Games

Guess Who

This game teaches reasoning skills by students asking yes and no questions. What a great way for them to use their brains.

Apples to Apples Junior

This game is great for older students to learn vocabulary skills. Word recognition is a great knowledge for students to have and they will learn a lot about words in this game. This game is a lot of fun and learning and fun together is a sure hit with 9 year olds.

Games that get students excited about learning are great games whether they are online or board games. Online games can help students with their typing and they need these kinds of skills in today’s world. Educational games are very important in the lives of our students.