Born Teacher or Making being Educator seem Easy

While it may be said that some people are born teachers, more correctly it can be said that people develop skills early on that blossom into the skills that create someone who will be a good teacher. The same way not every athlete becomes a professional athlete or everyone who plays the piano as a child becomes a professional musician, the same can be said for teachers. These are some of the reasons individuals may appear to be born teachers.

Social skills

Individuals who develop excellent social skills at a young age often become good teachers. The teaching profession requires someone to socialize with not only students, but parents, co-workers and the community at large. Teachers who feel uncomfortable with large groups or being outgoing with new people do not seem born into the profession. If a teacher can make the socialization aspect of the profession appear easy, then they appear to be a born teacher.


Another important aspect of a born teacher’s identity is creativity.  If one is born to teach, then that person is born to create. Teaching requires creativity with lesson plans and activities as well as creative problem solving. A teacher with creative skills will not be satisfied with what has already been done. Instead, the born teacher will create something new or change up the idea to make it better.

Competitive spirit

Inside every born teacher is a competitive edge. It is a desire to achieve more and do more than anyone else. The born teacher will push classes to achieve and will push oneself to have the most effective lessons. Without the competitive spirit, the teacher stops being a born teacher and becomes simply average.

Relating to kids

The born teacher seems to be able to relate to kids without a lot of effort. It simply comes naturally. These teachers find a way of complimenting and lifting students up while still continuing their academic lessons. These teachers try to find ways to connect students to the lessons that they can understand.


An ability to be assertive is necessary to be a born teacher. There can’t be any fear of making a wrong decision or disciplining students. The born teacher is comfortable being assertive and explaining to the students if behavior changes need to occur. The natural teacher does not let the students run the classroom. Instead, the teacher has firm rules that guide the classroom so learning takes place.


For the born teacher, education isn’t just out of a book. The born teacher likes to consider learning a journey. The lesson may start in one plan and end up going in an entirely different direction. The born teacher is confident enough to take that journey and not worry about the end location.

Work ethic

Teaching requires long hours beyond the school day. To be a born teacher one has to be willing work above and beyond the hours others would normally want to work. There has to be a single-minded purpose of providing the best possible educational product every single day in the classroom.

Thick skin

More often than one would think, teachers take criticism – whether it is from parents, co-workers or students themselves. The born teacher has to have developed an ability to brush off the criticism to be able to come back for another day on the job.  If a teacher is too thin-skinned, the problems will start to get to them and affect their confidence.

Born teachers have social skills and creativity mixed with tenacity and dedication. Combined together, the born teacher evolves and eventually grows into the teacher that everyone thinks is just natural ability.