Can the Benefits of Peer Tutoring Lessen the Effects of Teachers Shortages – No

As much as it is necessary for students to connect with classmates and study together, peer tutoring does not necessarily lessen the effects of teacher’s shortages. Yes, students can benefit from peer tutoring outside of the classroom and this can help, but really, students need a teacher to give them both guidance and teach them the subjects in the classroom that is necessary for every student to further their education. Every student learns differently both in the classroom and outside, some need extra tutoring after class ended, and this is how peer tutoring can help, but it does not replace the information that a teacher can give a student.

Peer tutoring cannot really lessen the effects of teacher shortages because a student can only do so much and teach so much.  Teachers are needed in the classroom much more than what people think. It’s teachers who guide and make the biggest impressions on students, and as much as children or young adults listen and model after each other, teachers are the ones that take the “parent” role for a few hours a day, and they are the ones that influence and mark a pathway for students. Students can only do so much for each other outside the classroom. Yes they can help each other and study together, but we need teachers to help students understand the subject and help others learn as well.

It is not difficult to see the outcome of what would happen if more teachers would be cut from schools. As it is students are suffering and falling more and more behind academically because there are more students than teachers and even when there are other students tutoring those who do not understand the subject, we need those teachers to continue teaching and helping other students make those changes we so desperately need.  

When it comes to education, simple peer tutoring will not suffice to help students pass the tests that they need to take in order to graduate and move on to the next level of their education. There are many instances where peer tutoring can help with understanding a part of the lesson that the student may not have understood, but when looking at the whole picture, we need teachers to guide children and help them make the right decisions In more than just the classroom.

Teachers are essential in schools. Whether it is in elementary, middle, high schools, or even colleges, most of these levels of educations, adolescents begin to shape their likes and dislikes and take school seriously and make decisions on their own about their future. Without teachers being there for students through these times it’s easy to see how behind some students would be academically, not forgetting to mention how their plans for the future would change.