Characteristics needed to be a good teacher

“Many are called but few are chosen.” This Bible verse can very much describe the teaching profession. Many would want to teach but not all can teach. I consider myself lucky to be one of those people who chose to respond to this vocation. Yes, teaching in not merely a work or a job, it is a vocation.

So what makes a person a good teacher? Well, for one, he must accept wholeheartedly and love this profession. Why? Because teaching is not easy as what other people think. There are a lot of sacrifices that go with this profession. For one, pay is small. You will not get rich, financially that is, if you decide to teach. Compare the salary of teachers to the top executives of different corporations and you’d be surprised with the big difference! Another sacrifice is the daily grind that you have to go through each day. As a friend mentioned, teachers are great actors. Once they stand in front of their students, they should not let their problems at home or at work hinder their performance for the day. They should deliver, and deliver well, despite of and in spite of many problems they may be dealing with as well. After all, teachers are only but humans. To make it short and simple, if you truly love this profession, everything else will follow.

Second, you must be patient. Inside the classroom, even if you are prepared for the day’s activity, anything can still happen! A student might bring with him in school problems that he has at home. Most often than not, it is in the school these students release their frustration, and in the end they tend to do some misbehaving. So you have to be patient with these kinds of kids or students. You have to be patient when almost everyone except one student has understood the lesson that you have taught. You have to be patient when a student keeps on asking questions because he wants some answers and you can’t proceed with the discussion. You have to be patient when the lesson is not proceeding the way you planned it to be.

Third, you have to be open to learning. Learning is not only a one-way street. You’d be surprised as to how your students can teach you some valuable lessons or remind you of lessons that you might have forgotten since growing up. You have to be open to continuous learning as well. Since you are in the field of education, it is only but proper that you are updated with the latest theory or study or technology that will obviously affect your teaching. If you are well equipped, surely, you will have no problems attaining your goals.

These are just some of the many characteristics a teacher should have. It is just sad that many people look down on this profession. It is a sad fact people seem to forget that lawyers will not be lawyers, engineers be engineers, doctors be doctors, if there were no people like their teachers, who sacrificed and shared their time, listening ear, encouragement and love to them.