Commentary High School Isn’t for everybody

High school isn’t for substitute teachers. I’ll show you why in my diary of the worst day of my life.

Nameless High

No, it’s not called nameless high, but it might as well be, since it doesn’t deserve to have a name after what it put me through.

I chose not to tell the name of the school because it’s so horrible that it doesn’t deserve one.

They told me to get there at 8:00, so I decided to do the smart thing and get there at 730, you know, to prepare. I got there and went in the office. It was 7:45 and they told me to wait, while they gave me the forms to fill out the W-2. I waited and finally at 7:55 they gave me the forms to fill out.

I was flying threw them. I didn’t care, I didn’t want to be late for class. I did the W-2 in 20 seconds and was nervous and mad at the secretary for taking so long to give me my dumb forms. I rushed over to the class and got in. The kids didn’t show up until 8:50. I was so mad they told me the wrong time. It was torture. barf.

Today was my first day substituting and they knew it. Why I picked high school was beyond me. The good news? It’s now below me. Yes, I’m too good for high school. So why the crankster attitude. Here come the details.

I substituted for biology 2 periods and welding for 3 periods. Electives are easy right? Since the kids picked the class and should be interested about it? NO. I think it’s the class that the irresponsible kids got put in because they were too lazy to pick their electives on time. It was 3 months into school and they didn’t even get to use the welders yet.

1st period
I said I was the substitute and what they needed to do.
A girl said “Is this your first day subbing, you aren’t very good at it?”
“Good guess”, I thought to myself. “You aren’t very good at clothing your body” I also thought to myself.

Some kid thought I was 19 years old. Ya…..I just graduated and now I’m back. Then he started asking me what I wanted to do with my life. I said “I’m not sure….mom.” Hey, I can’t help my sarcasm sometimes as you will soon find out.

2nd period
I was asked if I was high and if I was drunk or if I could give them alcohol or if I had marijuana on me. I find it extremely insulting when people think I’m on drugs.

I explained that I never got drunk or went to a party before and his mind exploded. He wouldn’t or couldn’t believe it, as it was his religion. Well I couldn’t get anyone, to do anything that period, so I gave up.

A girl starting drawing on another boys hand, a heart shape, so I said
“Oh, she wants to go out with you”
“It’s my cousin”

Ya that one backfired on me.

Someone from the next class in the back row (where his life is going also) asked me if I was high. My fist was, when it was going through the air into his mouth. No I didn’t, but it made me mad.

I said “No, I’m not high and don’t do drugs, but I know you do”
Him: “Yeah, I do, I won’t lie”
Me: “That’s good, I’ll tell the principal”

I’m so proud they have the morality to not tell a lie. Hey….they do drugs, but at least they don’t lie (about that). Why would they? It’s wrong to be ashamed of your religion.

At this point I didn’t care what happened anymore. The kids didn’t listen and I gave up. I let them watch tv and play video games. They said they were going to go in the welding shop and turn on the flames……I told them no (times 100). He was just joking though. I didn’t feel like being in the paper the next day for burning down the school.

The kids then told me that I was the best substitute ever and that I should sign up to be, not A teacher, but THEIR teacher. I would have, but then what if they liked another sub better and the new sub signed up to be their new teacher. There’s not much job security when substitutes get to fire the teachers and hire themselves.

I heard a lot of stories from the kids and one that blew my mind was about what happened in woodshop. The kid was using the hand skill saw or whatever it’s called. It’s a huge saw that you pull down and it slices the wood. Well one kid was using it and he forgot (somehow) to not put his hand under it where he was going to saw. Luckily his friend pulled the plug before he sawed his arm off. I was mad from hearing how dumb he could be and almost slapped him.

Anyway, they wanted to get my phone number and myspace account. I was one of them now. I’m so proud of myself that I was finally popular in high school. It even felt like I WAS in high school. Needless to say, I felt bad for even getting paid that day.

As I was leaving, the worst kid saw me and said
“Hey! It’s the sub! See ya later!”
He was overjoyed to see me again and I thought “Wow, I wanted to paddle him because he was bothering me so much and he loved me”

It just goes to show you that you can never tell what someone thinks about you, by how you feel about them.

It was the WORST DAY EVER, I will never sub again, I almost had a nervous breakdown. I was worried my car wouldn’t start when I tried to leave and I would be stuck at this school forever.

I felt I should better try elementary school before I called it quits. The next time is 2nd grade.