Commentary High School Isn’t for everybody

High school is the first rite of passage into adulthood and often the last stop on the train to adulthood for many students. As a phase of education, it should be neither of these. Currently, the culture created in high schools, by students, faculty, administration and the extent of resources makes it ever more difficult for the students most deserving of a solid education: each and every 14 year old to 18 year old in this country. High school isn’t for everyone but it is supposed to be, whether a student is interested in academics, sports, music or the arts. The reasons why high school is not for everyone are many, but the choice to leave high school because it is not for you should not be because you are not getting what you need while in high school in order to get what you need out of the rest of your life.

Feeling out of place in high school is common, but these days being out of place in a place where you must go everyday, can put you in great danger. Feeling uninterested in classes and the subjects you are being taught is not because of you: every student has strengths, weaknesses, gifts, talents, and obstacles to work with and it is the educators who are responsible for making school work for YOU. If every single student was encouraged, inspired and given the confidence to be whoever he or she is capable of being, whether a football player, debater, actor, writer or nerd, there would be less popularity contests and peer pressure driving high school students away from their own potential. What is valued at one high school is sneered at in another; this prevents students from reaching their potential and encourages them to seek their own
relief from a daily drag.

High school should really be the best time of your life, whether you pursue college or not, because it is a time in your life to experiment and learn. Everyone makes mistakes and high schools should remember that. Their highest priority, however, is keeping students in school until completion of their basic education, specifically by making high school a place and time that is for everyone, because really the biggest mistake is not providing the opportunity for students to really learn who they are and what they can do in life- a solid education never hurt anybody, but a lack of education at the level of high school has hurt many, many bright, deserving students who can never go back to high school and get what they need to have a fulfilling life.