Contracts Signed Teachers Principals actually Effect Ability Students Learn – No

I do not believe that contracts signed by teachers and principals actually have an effect on the ability of students to learn. The administration such as the PTA, and the board of educators do not know how to teach in a classroom, nor do they have real life experiance as a teacher.

Being a teacher, I have a special insight in this entire world of signing papers, contracts, and the like. I work for Los Angeles Unified School District, as an English teacher, for a high school. Upon my acceptance in this program, which the administrators that actually run the school welcomed me with open arms, I had to sign a contract stating that I would teach the prescribed curriculum to the students by the time testing came around. I signed it with a little hesitation, but could not get the job if I didn’t, and headed over to the teachers lounge.

While in there, I met the other two English teachers and asked them about the piece of paper that I signed. They told me that twice a year, there’s a standardized test for the students to take, to make sure that they’re learning the curriculum, and if more than 10% of my class failed the test, then I would be pulled before the board, and would eventually loose my job. But, they added, not to worry, because all I had to do was hand out a packet, and tell them to study it, because those would be the points on the test. I looked at the packet that they suggested, and it was the test itself. Furrowing my brow, I turned back to them, and questioned if this was cheating. They assured me that it was, but it was better than the alternative of loosing my job.

I further learned that it wasn’t the teachers that made the test, but the school board itself, full of administrators and school officials that had never set even a small toe inside of the classroom as a teacher. So, when did the administrators become so special? When they got their MBA, or doctorate degree in administration? What happened to less paperwork, and simply concentrating on the student’s learning? I hold and stand that just because a teacher signs a piece of paper it will not increase the students willingness to learn the materials, nor will it motivate a teacher to teach.