Creationism Faith and Evolution Evolution in Schools Teaching Creation Science – No

Creationism belongs in the science classroom the same way that yellow cake should be refined in Home Economics class to extract uranium. The school gets plenty of fund raising publicity, kids learn, and there may be an explosive result.

Creationism and evolution are two different things.  People should learn about creationism, but not in science class. It is better taught in history and or social studies classes to show the inexhaustible gullibility of human beings.  Evolution is a theory, just like gravity is a theory. We could not have modern medicine, technology, or even this website without it. Creationism is not even a pseudo-science.

Creationism is not a science, but a lot of lot of self-righteous blithering essayists who can’t even agree upon its basic teachings. Some creationists take the six day creation of the world as literal truth, and some, those with -smart-people-glasses, like Sarah Palin, fudge a bit and say things like “I didn’t believe that  human beings, -thinking, loving beings-originated from fish that sprouted legs and crawled out of the sea.”   Thank you, Sarah, now please take your seat and let another special child have her chance to speak.

The term creation science is as much an oxymoron, as some people can  best be described as a Moxie moron.

But this is exactly the problem with Creationism as a “science.”  If some well-meaning few think that there are scientists out there who DO believe in fish sprouting legs and attaching themselves to clever bumper stickers, there is no hope at all for real education. No biologist thinks of any organism suddenly “sprouting” anything.  Although, a case could be made for politicians sprouting pandering attitudes at will.

Nor does any educated person believe that we “just happened,” “swung down from trees”, or “morphed from a primordial slime.” In science, there are bits of prehistory that may contain many of these elements, but none of them ascribe any sudden morphs, sprouts, or the ability to (again in the words of little Sarah, ) “spontaneously generate life”. Science does not press any of these claims in evolution. They are all from creationist viewpoints about evolution and how “silly” it is.

What does creationism teach?  That is a very good question.  It depends upon which creationist one listens too, or reads. They all  include that God did the creating, and that for murky and unclear reasons, He made it look as though the earth was actually billions of years older than it really is. Also true: depending upon which creation expert is believed, some think that the earth really is quite old enough that some Fred Flintstone types took Dino types on walkies. 

The point is that God is given top billing as creator.  It is not Erebus and Gaea, , or Vishnu sprouting a lotus from his navel, or Kokyanwuthi and Tawa, or any other of the many thousands of various creation myths there are in the world. Teaching Creationism would require that we honor each tradition equally. There would never be time for learning reading, writing, math, or science.

Although this might explain the creation of some of the dim wits in the world today, educated in home schools and presumably, in fact impermeable bubbles, it does not allow children to have a true view of the modern world. It cheats kids by with-holding the scientific method and does not introduce needed skills for critical thinking.

With no critical thinking skills children become illiterate, arrogant, self righteous, and intolerant. Creationism does not teach truth so much as it teaches blind faith. Blind faith is known to have created many problems: witch burning, The Spanish Inquisition,  facism, and even game changes in a  true life electoral process.