Defining a Teacher Teaching Kinds of Teachers

When I explored this topic I readily started putting thoughts together on school teachers and what defines a good teacher of education. The thought hit me though that the word “teacher” can be used in such a broad way that it changed my entire perspective on teachers and what really does define a teacher. I ventured outside the traditional box and explored how everyday individuals act as teachers; whether occupying a classroom or not.

Sharing a personal interest with others by way of demonstration is a unique form of teaching. Think of the artist who passes on their passion for painting through teaching an art class. These individuals are relying on the teacher for guidance and help. The artist is capable of opening up new, creative channels for the students as well as building their confidence. By teaching the skills required to create a new artist’s vision the teacher passes on hope and encouragement in a way that may produce a new artist.

Listening to others who are in need of someone that can focus on them, objectively and help them sort through problems that they may be facing is a way of teaching compassion. Counselors show compassion everyday by being open to people’s problems and demonstrating ways which these problems can be resolved. We are all counselors in our lives at some point; whether it is helping a close friend or perfect stranger. We are teaching compassion by genuinely lending an ear.

Patience can be difficult to muster for many, because it is an emotion that is often tested. Good teachers possess a great deal of patience by maintaining a calm demeanor in an out of control situation whether involving an uncooperative crowd or one individual. In demonstrating patience, a teacher may calmly take control of a situation, objectively view both sides, and come up with a peaceful solution without incident.

Selfishness is more prevalent these days mainly due to technology that allows society to interact impersonally; for example, computers. The world seems to be moving at a super- sonic pace these days and people are more likely to exude their needs ahead of others. Those who choose to make an effort to go out of their way to help people and teach an unselfish life style are emerging each day to help bring back a more personable society where we can all teach one another how to help mankind as a whole. This need is of great importance now more than ever because of the rising economy, greater division in religious beliefs and foreign relations. Coming out of oneself and teaching, through example, how to give back is a precious commodity that we can all learn from and pass on.