Does the Internet Harm Grammar and Spelling Skills – Yes

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Internet harms a person’s grammar and spelling. There are many times, that I have caught myself making a mistake on paper, or online and I go back to correct it. The Internet is an enormous pool of information, but that does not mean that all of the information gathered online is true or correct. In reality, only about half or less than half of the people that use the Internet or write online actually use correct grammar. When it comes to using correct grammar and spelling skills, it can be very hard to do this online, since many of the programs and websites do not bother to check every spelling mistake or grammar usage. 

Most people or writers take their time when writing online or putting information out there for everyone to see, others do not. The reason why there is so much information online is because there is no limit as to just how much people can write. There is also no one to tell writers or bloggers just how much of their information or blogs have mistakes on them. 

The Internet has definitely grown to an outstanding level, and there are twice as many writers as there were before. We would like to think that a lot of the information that we read online is correct, but in reality we need to constantly check and recheck our sources to see if there are any changes, or something else that we can read. 

The Internet does harm our grammar and spelling skills since there are hundreds upon hundreds of resources that we have to get our information, whether it’s for work, or school, there is a lot of places that we can reach online, and we can’t always be sure that the information is correct all the time. One of the reasons why our grammar and spelling has changed so much online, is because most of the time writers do not care enough to check their grammar or have their grammar checked online by more than one website or tool. 

There are a lot of ways that writers or individuals can check their spelling or grammar online, without having to worry about checking an article more one time. Using websites such as White Smoke or even Microsoft Word, can help writers see where they have made their most obvious and some not so obvious mistakes.