Economy War Impoverished Countries – Agree

Education is never a waste and it can never be taken away from you. While earning a degree, may not guarantee wealth, or even a job, the only “waste” might be when it is not used, immediately, but chances are, it will be used eventually.

In a war-torn country, recruiters are not knocking on your door, if you even have a door, and generally, there is a lack of freedom. An impoverished country does not allow you to use what you know, often; no freedom of choice, generally means not being able to use one’s education. What good it that? Well, remember that education does not only prepare of a job, as we, in the United States know it to be, but it expands your mind, your world, enables you to form opinions, and yes, one can change the world!

Knowledge can be used eventually to change things; without , there are not mechanics to alter under-developed countries. It is that knowledge of businesses, systems, marketing, agriculture, politics, etc., that can be encompassed when talking about change. Knowledge is what one has learned; application is just as important. Without each other, one can not exist. Education is paramount for it is the tool that can change an inhumane treatment of another within a barbaric society. People that are not educated do not know how to get of impoverishment, where those that are, eventually exercise their brain to find their way out or to fix what is broken within their country.

Without towns and cities, there is no economy. No income can mean no food, lots of disease, and no reason not to steal, and no point in havaing a conscience, for it is survival zone. Towns and governments cannot be created without working capital or a working government; “working people” need to be people that know how to do things, and to make their life better and their children’s future. While famine and disease may change over a war-torn country, there has to be hope, despite the despair when one looks across fields. How can there be hope, when people don’t know how to do anything or make their life better, when war is their life, and there is no knowledge of how change can occur.

Without education, the economies will not improve, life will not get better, and people will keep dying, as much as the know-how and desire to change have died; let’s not bury any more children or the dreams that they were meant to have, when they were born. Let us have dignity and share our knowledge with others, even if we have to show them, and hold their hand. Don’t let their dream die, or we might as well bury what we were all put on earth to pursue, and that would be tragic!