Education Isn’t a Waste

Education helps expand the mind to places not even considered in the past. The complexities in the lives of individuals continue to increase and the need for education becomes greater with age. It is not a waste of time because it is the basic tool in order to survive in the world today.

Getting an education is not always easy, nor is it inexpensive. However, it opens doors to careers, perspectives, and passion that may not have existed at the beginning.

There is a need to have at least basic education. It is the foundation in which to be successful in life. Once the end of High School approaches, there are many that have a hard time knowing what to do next. Post-Secondary education, whether it is in colleges, universities, or trade schools, can help develop and expand the minds of everyone.

There are several people in the world that has made it big without any formal education in their fields of success. Unfortunately, that is not everyone and the people that became successful at the start went out of their way to educate themselves and work hard to get the things they wanted out of life. To the majority of people, higher formal education creates the basis to become successful in a career that one may never thought possible in the first place. Education can help create direction, focus, and give an individual insight to what they want in their life.

The society of today requires higher education in many ways. The days of the independent logger, farmer, or contractor where graduating from high school is all you needed is in the past. Even these businesses and careers demand more formal education in order to succeed well.

The time spent in Post-Secondary education will teach interdisciplinary skills across a wide variety of subjects. It will also help develop relationships between dozens of different people from all walks of life. Some of the best years and most memorable moments in life can come from furthering education. Group projects enhance cooperation skills, independent projects can help expand self-discipline, patience, and persistence. The rewards from successfully completing post-secondary education include getting a higher paying job, have the paper to prove the education, and the pride that can be shared with the family.

Even though it seems like education is a waste of time due to the length of many programs, the open mindedness it creates will last forever. It is through education that people see through all lenses and are not so blinded by the limitations of people who have limited to no education.