Education Nation

GO FIGURE. Looking at the existing problem with education you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that it is not so easy to fix something that was neglected for so long. It seems to be obvious that what took time to neglect it will take time to repair. And the sooner people will realize that their problems are caused by lack of education the better. The question everybody asks nowadays is how to do it? The simple answer to this question and the answer that everybody gives and agrees with is to teach people because the education is everything. So it seems that everybody knows what to do but at the same time it also seems that nobody knows how to do it.

Although a few years ago a program “No child left behind” was implemented it seems that it wasn’t enough to persuade youngsters to get educated. It wasn’t even enough to persuade adults to work harder to educate future presidents, doctors, engineers, etc.  Now it came to the point that the whole nation has to be educated and probably that’s why a new program was created. The new program is called Education Nation. Don’t you think that it is a shame that the whole nation has to go back to school!

There are things in everyday life that are taken for granted. You don’t question things that are given to you on a silver platter. You don’t give a damn whether they are right or wrong, whether they make any sense or not. If they are given to you so they must be good. You don’t question it. But if you were educated, at least a little, you would ask questions, you would look at these things with a different eye and you wouldn’t take these things for granted. The more you know the better. People respect you for what you know. But is seems that there are some who want to keep others in the dark. It is easier to manipulate the minds of those who are ignorant. It is very easy to tell everybody that you are the best in the world – the best not only at one or few things that you do but the best at everything you do. People are happy to hear that and they do not understand or even try to understand why they are the best. For them it is enough to hear that nobody in the world can beat them at anything. This is the big ego that doesn’t allow people to go further and to look at themselves with a little bit of criticism.

Let’s take for example a politician who talks to you eloquently using flowery words to describe anything he wants you to hear. He walks on a stage like a stand-up comedian, making jokes about things that happen to you in your life, blaming everyone else except himself for things that go wrong. You admire him for his smooth vocabulary, you laugh at his jokes, you clap, you rise up banners with slogans… you are happy. You are happy because he made you feel happy. He didn’t let you think for even a second. He thought for you. And it was enough for you to make up your mind. You don’t realize what happened a moment ago. You don’t realize that you were brain washed. And of course if you were told that something bad just happened to your brain you wouldn’t believe it, you would be upset, angry and even violent. You would defend your rights and your opinion. You would bring up a constitution although you didn’t read it or even you didn’t see it. The politician on the stage brought it up and you follow him like a ship follows its master. It doesn’t matter where you go. What matters is the one who is in front of you, who knows everything and who told you to follow him. You hear that we need to do this and we have to do that. You hear that together we are strong and we can move things that are unmovable. But what you don’t hear is how to do it. What is more mind-boggling you don’t ask questions. And maybe that’s why you have to go back to school. At school you ask questions. If you don’t understand something you raise your hand and ask the teacher to explain to you what you don’t understand. He should know.  But now, when the Education Nation program is implemented, even a teacher has to go back to school.

Go figure.