Education or Lack Thereof America is getting Dumber

Me and Him, Her and Me

One of the most glaring failures that we may witness frequently today is the lack of any attention paid at all to language. Today’s student grows up thinking it perfectly right and proper to speak of me and Tommy or me and him went to the movies, dance, watched television, etc.

There is a proper way to speak English and although we have a plethora of “language arts” classes in our public school system, the totally incorrect usage of our language goes unabated. I have yet to hear a teacher correct the grammar or speech of a student in the last 10 years. Aware of the evolution of language and its use, I would hate to believe that we have an entire generation that will refer to an activity such as, “me and Suzie went to the movies Saturday”. This is a vocal “scratching of the nails on the wall” that portends the death of our language and a general reduction of any respect for the language of our forefathers, the framers of the Declaration of Independence, the great poets and authors produced in America and an affront to any of us that grew up speaking proper grammar.

Some would say that this is a trifle. Is it? We are judged initially two ways upon meeting someone new. First, we are judged on our appearance. However, most people will overlook an ugly person. They probably won’t ask the person for a date, but neither will they think badly of them. If however, upon meeting almost anyone who knows the difference between grammar and grandma, the use of such incorrect grammar will immediately label the speaker as mentally deficient and of low intellect. However unkind or superficial this intellectual appraisal may seem. most of us are judged in exactly this manner from dawn to dusk daily. We tend to make such appraisals through out our day either consciously or unconsciously. We are after all, human and have little tolerance for those who don’t speak as we do, act as we do, vote as we do, or any number of differences that exist in our society on a daily, if not minute by minute basis. We “pigeon hole” our fellow humans constantly. Always have, always will, to some extreme or another.