Education Quality in other Cultures

I believe it is essential to take a look at education and how a cultures values this important matter.  There are many factors that are involved in assessing how much a culture values the education of its children. We will take a look at many of these factors here. For this article and all practical purposes, we will focus on the traditonal school district found throughout the United States.

1)  One of the most important factors in quality education is a strong team of teachers, teachers’ aides and a principal to lead the team.  Not only does this strong team work to provide an education tailored to each student, each commands respect which is essential to making things run smoothly.  This includes a principal/administrator who is firm but approachable to the children, and therefore is able to carry out the discipline needed by a troubled student who is a discipline problem in the classroom.  When you have an effective administrator, they can remove a child from the classroom and administer discipline as needed without allowing the child to go home, as this will only reinforce the behavior previously presented and give the child the idea that if he “misbehaves, he can go home each time he does this”.  This also includes teachers who have the adequate education to be teaching their subject area.

2)  A school board made of people from various work sectors of the community is necessary to facilitate the decisions made regarding the school agendas.  A monthly meeting is needed to keep things in check in the schools.

3) I believe a clean well-kept school is an indication of high regard by the students and parents.  Outdoor landscaping is an indication of importance also.  A janitorial staff is really helpful in this area.

4)  Another factor that should be evaluated is: Does the personnel of the school interact with the parents to make education a high quality matter, but also one that parents become very involved in? Communication between parents and teachers is paramount to the children receiving an education that is not only quality, but also can be followed up by parents.

5) Utilizing an assignment notebook that is uniform to all students and teachers ensures that there is communication so children can follow up on their studies and homework.  This is extremely important to ensure that coursework is being done at home and returned properly.

6) Lastly, I want to mention that adequate curriculum should be chosen that “is tailor-made for the school”. This should be chosen by the principal as well as the teachers.

While I am sure there are many other factors that show how a culture or individual school values its children and their education, we have only begun to touch on them today.