Education Waste of Time

Education opens doors to future opportunity and gives you the tools to make your dreams reality.

Learning is never a waste of time.  Making use of educational opportunities and adding to your knowledge and skills base can pave the way to a future that you may have never imagined or thought possible. 

Sure, there are people out there who say there’s no point to earning a high school diploma or going to college, that it’s just a big waste of time and money.  I’m not going to say they are totally wrong; education and training truly can be a waste of time if the person seeking out the education or training does not put time or effort into it.  However, if a person wants to learn and makes the most of every educational opportunity that they have, education is never a waste of time, rather it is a stepping stone to bigger and better things.  Being eager and willing to learn goes a long ways in the educational process and is essential if true learning is to take place. 

We can never know it all, whether we think so or not.  There are always people out there who can teach us new knowledge or skills that could greatly improve our lives and what we can do.  The more knowledge and skills you have, the more opportunities you have.  When people see everything you can do and realize everything you know, it could lead to better jobs, more contacts who can help you get where you want to be in life, and a better chance for you to achieve to your fullest potential. 

Yes, there are people who have done great things in life without a high school diploma or a college degree, however they were educated from someone, somewhere, at some time.  Education does not necessarily have to be formal; you can be taught from someone you know, by reading, or even by trial and error.  Education takes many forms and sometimes I think people who claim that education is a waste of time forget that.

Education is not a waste of time; rather, it is the launch pad to greater things and achieving to full potential.  Education is empowering and gives you the knowledge and skills to meet your goals and expectations for your life.  Doors are opened in your life through education that you may have never realized even existed.  Educational opportunities are all around us, and, with the initiative to take advantage of them, you can truly be all you can be.