Educational Advantages of Student Exchanges among different Cultures Exchange Student Programs

If you want to maximize the learning process, then you should consider the whole, wide world as your classroom. This is because you have to know what cultures and practices occur in other countries before you can say you are truly educated. Student exchanges among different cultures allow students to do this. Aside from this educational advantage, here are more rationales why the academe should encourage student exchanges.

*The hands on and direct exposure of students facilitate learning

Instead of studying world history and making use of pictures and lectures to depict other cultures around the world, you, as the student would have an actual and direct exposure to cultures around the world. This would facilitate your learning process through direct observation and interaction. In education, for learning to be effective the teacher should not only consider multiple intelligences but also multiple backgrounds and cultures. Practical experience is the best way to gain knowledge because learning is application.

*Students are trained to achieve unity in diversity

You would be able to learn early how to stay united amidst different cultures. You would be able to realize that although you do not have the same traditions, you could co-habit peacefully and harmoniously. This could also prepare you to be good leaders of the world, whatever career you decide to specialize in.

*Students could learn new languages

Student exchanges could also encourage you to learn new languages, enhancing your skills to land excellent jobs when you apply for work. A linguist in a company is considered an asset, and is, therefore, significantly valued.  This is a specific example of a hands-on experience. When you learn the language and practice it, you would be able to learn quickly. Student exchange is an outstanding method to learn how to speak fluently in various languages.

*Students’ psychological growth and cognition skills are enhanced

Students who have undergone the exchange student program have grown psychologically and emotionally and have also enhanced their cognition skills. When you undergo the program, you learn to respect each culture and to blend and cooperate with each other as mature individuals should.

*Student exchanges benefit also the local community

Past programs have proven that student exchanges are beneficial to the community too. You could bring new ideas and innovations on how to solve certain problems in your locality. You could introduce new perspectives, which could prove effective in solving problems or promoting development.

Student exchanges are encouraged by majority of academic institutions because of the numerous educational advantages that these provide, not only for you, but the local community, and the whole world, as well.