Educationschool Choices – Yes

In this day and age of picking the sex of your child and other physical attributes that you want your child to have, I believe we parents should be able to pick where our children go to school regardless of how much we make. Mostly we want the best for our children and if we are willing to make financial sacrifices, why shouldn’t we be able to pick our children’s schools.

Some teachers today are not so inclined to do the necessary things to improve students grades or motivate those who are failing for whatever reasons in their life. There are few and far between who actually try to involve themselves, but like I said there just is not enough support for them or supporting programs in these low scoring districts which could really utilize the after school tutoring for children and parents who need it. This is because of policy or new regulations and the few who do try are usually looked down on as being too involved in their students lives which is so ridiculous for the school system and our children.

Some are more worried about money and benefits that they don’t realize this is why kids drop out because now the money issue is all that people care about. They make more than most parents who are struggling to keep their kids in school so they could be motivated to get a better paying job when they reach adulthood but why should they care if their teachers don’t try their best to help them or show them that with sacrifice they could have so much more!

Then we have the behavior issues that so many educators scream about, which is true in some cases but there really isn’t an effective way that they can handle it in schools at this time. They haven’t been successful with how they are addressing it so if they thought of more positive ways to address the gangs, behavior,learning disabilites or plain truisim, they would be more effective in the lives of these communities where drugs and gangs are prevelant and hopelessness reigns supreme.

If you are afraid to explore the lifestyles of some of these districts where the kids are doing poorly, then you should not be there. If you feel you could make a difference and provide motivation to these families then go ahead and push that envelope for the community and families to be proud to go to school there. the same way that everyone has a choice to pick where they work or live why shouldn’t we pick where we go to educate our children? Why shouldn’t we give our children the best opportunity for their futures?

While everyone sees money and benefits to rule over their decision on how to help their community, why should they sacrifice their time for money? Maybe if someone showed a little interest in their lives, they would be more inclined to see that they can make a difference and be someone special with something to contribute to society other than drugs, fighting, or crime. So I truly agree that regardless of income parents should have every right to choose their children’s school.