Effective Teaching Methods

Being a good teacher is something innate that you continuously hone over the duration of your career. Good teachers have learned many techniques and strategies that have allowed them to perfect their craft, and are ever-evolving. There are myriad facets at play as you strive to become a great teacher.

Good teachers know that they are not perfect and that each and every student in their care is unique and has a diverse learning style. Good teachers understand their students, and go to great lengths to reach them so that they may instill in them the value and importance of learning.

Good teachers tend to be cut from the same cloth, and most possess and exhibit many of the following 20 traits in order to become extraordinary teachers that leave an indelible impression upon their students.

1) Fairness

A good teacher stresses equality at all times. Fairness in the classroom is essential to the learning process. Each student should feel that he or she is on par with the other students in the classroom, and should never feel as though he or she is seen differently. This is especially noteworthy in terms of doling out discipline. A good teacher keeps things on an even keel for all students, and never wavers in his or her disciplinarian actions. Swift decisions need to be made, and they should remain consistent from the first day to the last, and the exact same for each and every student.

2) Enthusiastic

A good teacher tends to be extremely enthusiastic. The more enthusiastic about the lessons that you are teaching, the more likely the students will be to pay attention and buy into the philosophies being discussed. If the teacher does not seem to believe the information, or presents it in a lackluster manner, the learning scenario will be compromised.

3) Patience

Patience is a virtue. The teacher that is patient has an advantage in that they understand their role as educator and role model. Patience allows a good teacher to remain effective, and provides a safe and relaxing haven for the students. The patience seen by the students will impact them in profound ways.

4) Confidence

A confident teacher is good because they are able to stand up at the front of the class and lead by example. A confident teacher speaks decisively and with conviction. Students will quickly realize that their teacher knows of what they speak, and will admire the ability to stand and deliver effectively.

5) Adaptable

Good teachers know how to adapt to every unique scenario. A good teacher is willing to adapt their learning styles not only from day to day, but from lesson to lesson. If a particular lesson is not going according to plan, it is imperative that the good teacher adapts in order to overcome. The ultimate goal of a good teacher is to make certain that each student receives the information requisite of succeeding in the course.

6) Respectful

Being respectful, and fostering a culture of mutual respect in the classroom is the sign of a good teacher. The more respect that is shown by the teacher to the students, the more respect will be reciprocated. Respect is essential. Students need to learn that having a respect for others is paramount to becoming a good global citizen.

7) Creative

Good teachers are creative. They take chances while teaching in order to try and capture the imagination of their students. Creativity comes in many shapes and sizes, and the good teacher understands the importance of being creative. Each student comes with their own special skill sets, and the more a teacher can impart wisdom in different manners, the more effective they might become, as well as being more eager to participate in class.

8) Diverse learning styles

The best and most effective teachers are well aware that there are very diverse learning styles within the dynamic of their classroom. Good teachers prepare lessons that invoke traces of auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning so that each student has a chance to learn in their preferred manner.

9) Positive

Good teachers know how to accentuate the positive. The more positive the atmosphere is within the classroom, the more effective it can be as a place of learning. A bright smile, a quick greeting to each and every student, and a cheery disposition can go a long way to making the classroom seem less daunting to students. Positive teachers may well send their students off on the rest of their academic journey with a newly found thirst for knowledge.

10) Organized

An organized teacher is effective because they can make the most of each lesson. Being prepared is essential to becoming a good teacher.

11) Communication skills

Good teachers have excellent communication skills. Teachers need to reach every student, and they must possess the ability to speak to each student in a manner that will behoove their particular learning style.

12) Flexible

A good teacher needs to be extremely flexible. On any given day they may need to alter their lesson plans in order to fit in with the mood of the day, or if there are other distractions such as assemblies. A flexible teacher is never caught off guard, and can make the most of any situation that arises.

13) Passionate

Students have to buy what the teacher is selling. In this regard, a good teacher is one that can effectively sell the course information through their passion. The more passionate the teacher, then the students may truly buy into the lesson and become engrossed in the lesson.

14) Integrity

Good teachers have integrity and are dependable. This is key to reaching students. A good teacher means what they say, does what they say they are going to do, and uses these words and actions to reach their students. The teacher must be seen as a person worthy of respect and honour.

15) Humorous

A good teacher must also possess a good sense of humour. The job will eat you up if you cannot find a way to laugh about it. Humour can also be used in the classroom to diffuse tense situations or to lighten the mood when things seem to be negative. A good sense of humour is the best way to look on the bright side of life.

16) Challenging

Students need to be challenged on a daily basis, and the good teacher knows how to try and get the most out of them while they are in the classroom. Students need to be challenged. They need to learn how to think for themselves, and how to problem solve when necessary.

17) Motivational

A good teacher knows how to motivate their students so that they take the initiative to fend for themselves. Good teachers are able to keep their students on task, focused, and eager to learn. Good teachers can use motivation to help students through tough times, the dreary days of winter, and when they just need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

18) Calm

Good teachers are able to remain calm, cool, and collected throughout the time in the classroom. A calm disposition can help students to remain calm themselves, and perhaps even look forward to coming to the class where the mood is always friendly and inviting.

19) Improvisational

There are many teachable moments throughout the course of a day, and a good teacher never allows them to slide by unnoticed. The ability to think on their feet keeps the class lively, and the teacher enthusiastic. Good teachers use any means necessary to reach their students in a variety of ways.

20) Humble

Good teachers lead by example through their humility. Students need to learn how to be humble, and teachers can be excellent role models in this regard. A humble teacher is one that students can count on to remain level-headed, always working in their best interest.

Good teachers are continually working to become better teachers. They are never stagnant, and are always striving to find new and exciting ways to reach their students. Each class brings with it an assortment of students, each yearning for help along their academic journey. Good teachers are the ones that you remember fondly when nostalgia stops by for a visit.