Exams not so Intelligent after all

Education is one of the most important things in life, after all through the educational process you are taught how to read, write, mathematics, and sciences. All of which you require in your adult life. On the other hand are wxams a waste of time? Just think of all the revising you need to do in order to pass your trigonometry paper, and do you really need to know all the Chemical symbols on the periodic tables off the top of your head?

Most of the exams are based around a curriculum set out by education authorities to test knowledge of children, which many of the topics are never actually applied during the working adult life, I can’t remember when I had to use trigonometry last in my job, nor is there any justification to talk about photosynthesis as a role of Manager in a Legal Department. I think that the time would have been better spent teaching children the value of money, and how to read Loan agreements or credit card jargon, ensuring that every individual knows how to keep themselves out of debt, rather than what impact the industrial revolution had on coal miners working in the North East of England.

What happens if you sit at your desk on the day of your exam and “Bang!” – Mental Block? Don’t forget when you are at High school, you have selected about 8 different subjects, which will lead to maybe 12 exams in total, you are bound to get some of the topics, facts, figures and dates mixed up. All that time revising has just failed your exam for you, how deflated do you feel now….

I personally do not think that exams are a waste of time, because I find it is a good indication of how well an individual can perform under pressure, however, as children get older more and more is being asked of them from school in order to maintain the grades and the high standards set in past years, always striving to beat last years score and be the best school.

Exams used to be about what you have learned at school, but now that have been turned into a political tool, clearly displaying league tables of best to worst schools, how the Government is failing the public by not reaching their targets and on and on it goes.

I think that the educational system is in need of a drastic overhaul before children start feeling “Stressed”, the introduction of vocational qualifications was a giant step forward in my opinion as individuals are gaining the relevant work experience and knowledge for the job role that they have chosen to do, so if vocational qualifications work, why do they not introduce this at high school level, for instance in the format of course work which can be taken into the workplace as an asset?

In the UK Children as young as 7 are being tested to a national curriculum again set out by education authorities to find out how intelligent they are, and to see if the school is performing as well as it should be. When I was 7, I was playing football every night with my friends, my 7 year old will be revising for her exams. What has gone wrong?