Exhange Program Benefits

Student exchange programs have been very successful for over 30 years and  reasons for such an outcome abound. First and foremost, an adolescent is naturally curious to learn and experience other cultures. Being part of a family and the hosting country’s education system is not only enlightening but invigorating to say the least. Furthermore, it helps the individual student assess and appreciate his own home and education system through this valuable experience.


There will be schools even better than a child’s own home school. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Not only will the youngster be challenged to put to use the French, German, Italian or the English language (in British style) but he may also have the prospect of attending a school otherwise inaccessible to him/her. This in fact means a teaching and learning environment which may pose a new learning and teaching strategy.

Each country has a different mentality, thus a varying educational format. This comes with philosophies which will broaden the child’s views of the world around him and how people think and function. Each foreign school’s academic program may reveal a subject or idea not offered previously or it may prove emphasize certain similarities between his home school and that of the host school. Either way it is a valuable experience.

*maturing away from home

The opportunity to live independently away from parents is one that most young people look forward to. This could be the first step towards that. While there will be rules to follow it will be entirely up to him to act as a mature independent individual . It will be solely up to him to conduct himself in an appropriate fashion, make certain decisions on his own and either reap the rewards of it all or face whatever consequences. 

Situations like these help a person mature, become more responsible and better capable not only academically but in personal life as well. Very valuable lessons which are necessary in an ever-changing world. In the end students will return home with a clearer idea of what their goals should be regarding their future.

*different cultures

What better way to become more appreciative of the surrounding world than the opportunity to live in another nation. Eat, sleep and study under the same roof with its inhabitants. A once in a lifetime experience where the child has the chance to experience the true lifestyle of a family of natives. Not only will the youngster live the way they live but will have the ability to compare lifestyles and customs to his own, better appreciate the logic and mentality of the other culture and in the end come closer to the people.

In the end, this is not simply a wonderful investment for the future of the single student but for the world as well. For when youngsters come close to the foreign country they will inevitably share their positive experience with others and better relate the understanding of the other culture. Hence, slowly contributing to a better comprehension and even unity of the world.