Factors that Affect Learning in the Classroom

Of course, the goal of any classroom is to promote learning for the students.  There are many factors that can have an effect on this and controlling these issues can provide a more productive atmosphere.  These factors include the following.

The teacher is good at keeping good discipline in the students

If the students are all talking, passing notes or just generally running amok, then learning can be hampered.  It is important for the teacher to have good control of the class.  They should have classroom rules that result in the children paying attention, and these rules should be enforced on a consistent basis. 

The teacher produces interesting lessons

Two different teachers can teach the same subject in completely different manners.  In one classroom the students may pick up a great deal of the material while in the other classroom, they may learn hardly anything at all.  There are different strategies that can be done to make the children more interested and thus they might learn better.  First it is important not to just have a class in which the teacher stands up there and lectures minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day.  At best many students just tune this out.  Instead the teacher should have a variety of activities.  It is important to get the students to participate in the lessons. A lot of students learn better by doing instead of just hearing.  You can have brainstorming sessions, for instance, in which the class sits in a circle and talks about a specific project.  You can have the students help to teach the class.  You can come up with a fun project such as make the classroom into a “game show” about the subject matter for the day.

The lessons are geared towards the students’ needs

Sometimes the classroom curriculum is too rigid.  They may have to cover a certain subject even if the students have not mastered something beforehand.  For instance, some students have trouble with reading.  Yet the school may be so interested in rushing ahead that these students get left behind.  Also, it is important to deal with other issues that the students have such as if they have a problem in their home lives that needs to be addressed.  Students will have trouble learning in the classroom if they do not get enough sleep, are hungry, etc.

There are many factors that influence learning in the classroom.  You should be knowledgeable about the above issues when planning your lessons.