Factors that Affect Learning in the Classroom

There are many different factors that affect teaching in the classroom. It is important to be aware of these so that teachers can teach in the most effective and efficient way possible. Teachers should constantly evaluate their performance to see how they can do better.

The teacher’s methods make a big difference in the teaching. Some teachers prefer to lecture but this can get tedious for the students. The teachers that involve active participation will often find that the students pay far more attention. Children often learn better by doing than by just listening. They may be more interested and find the class more enjoyable. This interactivity should be done in all different levels of teaching, from elementary school students to college students.

The students’ behavior makes a big difference in the way the teaching in the classroom occurs. When the children are well-behaved the teacher can focus on teaching and not on discipline. If the class is out of control, then the teaching will be compromised as the teacher wastes time trying to get the children to listen.

Of course the age and level of the students will make a big difference in the teaching. When the kids are older, the teacher can focus more on teaching and less on discipline.

The skills of the teacher make a big different in teaching. Teachers who are more experienced and adept at teaching will be able to discipline and teach more effectively. The students will hopefully respect them more, which can make a big difference in their learning.

Even if you do not see them directly in the classroom, the administrators can make a big difference in teaching in the classroom. Some administrators are much more effective at helping their teachers teach better. They are supportive of the teachers. When the administrators are not supportive, the teaching is very hampered. The teachers may not be able teach effectively if they are not allowed to discipline.

The requirements of testing make a big difference in the classroom. Unfortunately, a lot of school districts have been forced to give standardized tests to students that have a lot of weight. In many cases the teachers teach to the tests instead of helping the students learn important concepts. For instance, they may literally spend hours talking about how to reduce test anxiety instead of actually teaching concepts. This has become a big problem around the country.

The tools the children have make a big difference in teaching. When teachers and students have access to computers they can learn much more effectively and efficiently.

There are many factors that affect teaching in the classroom. Teachers, students, parents and administrators should be aware of all of these to give the best atmosphere possible for students.