Factors that Affect Learning in the Classroom

There are many factors that influence student achievement. It is important to understand these because many of them can be influenced in order to provide a more effective and efficient learning environment. These factors include the following:

The teacher makes a big difference in student achievement. A good teacher can do a much better job of effectively teaching the students. A teacher can make it much more interesting for the students. A teacher that can impart the lessons in a fun, interesting and captivating way will help the student’s achieve so much more. Teachers that can effectively get the kids to participate instead of just lecturing will often find more success.

Of course the students themselves make a large difference. Two students with the same abilities will perform far differently based on how hard they try. Students that want to achieve more often will.

How the teacher acts towards the students and what he or she expects make a big difference. If the teacher is optimistic and instills in the children that they can achieve then they might try harder and work to fulfill that goal. If the children are left to feel less able to accomplish things then they may show that instead.

The children’s parents and home life also influence their achievement. When parents are involved with their children and can help them with their homework then the children may achieve more as students. The parents can play a big part in guiding the students so that they do well in the classroom. If the student does not feel safe at home or does not have a good place to eat or sleep, then he or she may be worried about that instead of doing well at school.

The tools the school and teacher have can also make a difference in student achievement. For instance, schools that have innovative teaching tools like computers can help the students do better.

The atmosphere in the school also makes a difference. If the teacher does not have good control of the class and he or she is spending more time yelling at them then teaching the class, then student achievement will suffer. If there is bullying or other negative behaviors then this can also impact student learning.

There are many other miscellaneous factors that involve student achievement. Of course the curriculum makes a big difference. Also, if the school is focused on standardized tests instead of actually teaching what is best for the kids then achievement can suffer, too. Everyone should look at all of the factors that can increase student achievement.