Factors that Affect Student Achievement

Student achievement is influenced by a number of factors. Adequate study time is not enough to attain high grades and achieve great things. The education system around the world is changing and the literacy and basic knowledge levels are decreasing. Kids still go to school but they seem to be learning a lot less than kids who attended school decades ago. The level of education is changing and so are the factors that affect student achievement.

Student achievement is often associated with the amount of study time they commit to however there are students who don’t study much at all and attain high grades and achieve great things. Individuals who don’t have a natural ability for education and knowledge need to spend more time with their head in between books than people who are natural learners and take in knowledge instantly. It’s important to find the right amount of time to study to meet individual needs.

Teacher quality will depend on how successful a student is. The better the teacher the better the students in his or her class. Teachers need to know how to connect with their students and transfer the knowledge that they have. Not all teachers have that skill and it’s one that affects student achievement but it’s also something that students don’t have a choice in. Teacher absences or frequent changes in teachers can have a negative impact on student achievement.

Family life can also have an impact. Students who have a disruptive and unstable home life can have it much more difficult on the school front when it comes to higher achievement. Students need stability and safety at home to be able to develop fully and apply themselves to their studies. Parental support is very important when it comes to student achievement. The more support students have from their families, the easier it is to attain higher achievement.

Diet and physical activity influence school achievement. They may seem completely irrelevant but in actual fact they contribute to how well a student performs at school. Students need to maintain a healthy diet rich in nutrients and regular physical activity to keep their body and mind active and in good shape. Unfortunately, many students don’t get enough nutrients and often skip breakfast which can affect how they learn through the course of the day. Students should ensure that they spend a bit of time outdoors and working out every day to improve their overall achievement.