Factors that Affect Student Learning

Student learning is influenced by many different factors, and each child responds to these factors in their own way.  It is important to be knowledgeable of these factors so that you can control them and maximize student learning.  The following are several of these.

Teacher produces interesting lessons that engage the students

Sometimes it is not what you teach but how you teach it.  A teacher who just stands in front of the class minute after minute and day after day lecturing in a dry tone might end up losing the students’ attention.  The kids might find it boring and may space out.  Instead there are many different ways that you can get the students involved in learning.  Instead of having lectures, have class discussions.  Call out the students and challenge them to ask thoughtful questions.  You can try role playing games, or even do a “game show” in your classroom with your subject as the focus.  Try to insert humor and fun into the class.  If you can take them on a field trip such as to a science museum for a science class or a historical site for history class, then the students might learn even better.

In addition to the lessons being interesting, they should be geared towards the children.  Sometimes they try to “stuff” so much material into the year that the students end up getting very little of it because they are overwhelmed.  Some students may fall behind and have difficulty catching up.  The fundamentals like reading need to be taught before you can move on to more advanced principles.  Also, an unhealthy focus on testing instead of learning has left many students behind as well.

The children’s physical and mental health

Students will have difficulty learning if they are instead focused on a lack of physical or emotional well-being.  If your students do not get enough sleep, for instance, then they may fall asleep in class or at least have trouble focusing on the lesson on hand.  The same goes if they are dealing with learning disabilities or a condition such as attention deficit disorder.  It is important to address all physical and mental concerns in order to keep them in good shape for learning.

It is very important to create the right atmosphere for students to learn.  The classrooms should be safe and neat, and the teacher should have control of discipline with clear rules and consistent enforcement.  By understanding these factors you can increase the learning of the students.