Factors that Influence Education

Education is key to the success of an individual. The current economic climate has dictated that we all learn new and improved skills to gain better employment. Unfortunately many people have only a basic education, hampering any chances that they might have at moving up the ladder. This problem is just one of the many factors that might influence the education of a person. I believe that everyone should experience college, no matter what your age is, because you get one life and college is an excellent experience. The current generation is too caught up in things; fancy cars, clothing, women, and money through ill-gotten gains are the main selling points of the media toward young consumers.

If you are a smart young person, an education should come first, and preferably one that is in one of the faster growing fields. For me I chose teaching because I had wanted to become a teacher since I was very young, and I am a natural teacher anyway. Even though I lived in a rough neighborhood, and had lost my dad, I decided the least I could do was attend community college to help work toward my dream. Yes, the road might seem complicated but it is actually quite easy to get all enrolled and ready to go.

There are many circumstances that might constitute education. A teen mother, who wants to do better in life, will have that chance with a college education behind her. An immigrant who has minuscule education, but has come to America to make a better life will benefit greatly from an education. A prison inmate who grew up poor and rough is being released and has a second chance at life, he has decided on a college education. These are all situations where education has become a deciding factor. Basically it comes down to getting an education or living life poor with no job, or with a very minuscule job at best.

Getting a higher education can seem intimidating at first, especially if you are an older person. Trust me, you are never too old to get a higher education. The time to make a better life for you is now, and a continuing education will do that. Life is too short to not do something big, and even if there are deciding factors for going back to college, the experience is quite pleasant and the degree is even better once your hard work has paid off. There are many deciding factors for pursuing a higher education, but the bottom line is that you must push forward and get it done.