Factors that Influence Effective Teaching in the Classroom

There are many factors that influence effective teaching in the classroom.  Some of these are within the teacher’s control while others are not, but being aware of them might make it easier to control or at least account for them.  Consider the following ideas.

The skill of the teacher

Obviously, a large part of effective teaching does deal with the skill of the teacher.  This matters in many different ways.  First, is the teacher good at communicating the lesson to the children in an easy-to-understand manner?  If the children are all shaking their heads in confusion when the teacher is done despite having paid attention, then the teacher might want to reevaluate how they teach.  Also, some teachers are better at getting the students involved.  A lot of kids find that they can pay better attention if they participate in the lesson, and there are many ways to incorporate this into effective teaching.  You can have brainstorming sessions instead of lectures.  You can have fun education games into of dry repetitive work. 

Is the work appropriate for the children?

Sometimes the curriculum is not well designed.  For instance, it may go too fast, and a lot of students might get left behind.  As the teacher continues, they may get further and further behind until there is absolutely no help of them catching up.  It can also affect their self-esteem as well.  Also, in a lot of areas like the state of Florida, a lot of the teaching is focused on students doing well on the FCAT standardized test rather than actually learning.  This can be detrimental for the children as well.  Also, effective teaching should be able to consider both the students who are gifted as well as those who may be a little behind.

Does the teacher have order?

If the class is in disarray because students are talking out of turn, passing notes, taking advantage and so forth, then there is less of a chance that effective teaching is occurring.  Even a few misbehaving students can ruin it for the rest of the class.  It is important that the teacher have a clear set of rules that they enforce consistently to keep order in the classroom.

Effective teaching is the product of many different ingredients. It will also depend on the students.  If they come from disadvantaged homes and have emotional or physical problems, then it may be much more difficult to effectively teach them.  The above factors may also play a key role.