Factors that Influence Student Learning

Sometimes it feels like teachers and students are on opposite sides instead of on a similar side with the same goal of students learning and achieving. This tension can be very high and takes different forms depending on the age of the student, the class, the school and other factors. There are different strategies that can help lower this tension.

One strategy is for the teacher to try to let the students shape their own education. This can happen in different ways. First, if the class is all about lecturing then the students may feel very separated from the teacher. They may not feel like a part of the class and may get bored. If the teacher instead fosters a classroom where the students participate a lot then they may feel like a part of it. They may be more interested. You can have the students come up and talk about the lessons. This can also give the children an idea of how it feels like to be up there.

Another strategy is to have the children help lead the class or make decisions that affect it. For instance, in an English class you may want to go over a classic novel. Instead of picking one out, you can have the kids vote on one so that they feel like they have some control. They may feel better about you and the class.

The teacher can also add some fun to make it more enjoyable for students. For instance, they can make up a game show to go over the material instead of having the kids simply write it out on paper. 

The teachers should try to be personable. You can talk about something from your life, so long as it is appropriate. For instance, a teacher might mention his or her pet to elementary school students. This might be something the kids are interested in and make the children think more positively about the teacher.

The teacher should support the students endeavors. When the students see the teacher at their talent shows, drama club plays and sports games that they do not need to be at, then this will seem very positive for the students. They may feel more positively for them.

Teachers can also talk to students if there is a particular issue. He or she can try to address any problems to reduce tension.

Tension can lower learning and make a negative environment for students. The above strategies may help make this better.