Factors that Motivate Students

Students’ performance is very much dictated by students’ motivation. When students are motivated they will perform better, no matter what their aptitude and abilities. It is therefore very important for teachers to understand how they can motivate their students.

Students are very motivated by positive reinforcement. There are many ways that you can reward your students for doing well, and this will often make a big difference. Many people give their students something special when they do well. For instance you may give your students stickers when they do well. Some teachers will let the children earn points and then let the children exchange them for prizes or let them go into a treasure box. The children will often try hard to get these.

Keeping track of good behaviors and displaying a positive behavior chart can be very motivational. For instance, children can have a display which shows how they did each school day. The teacher may give a green sticker when they do well and a red when they need improvement.  They can see that and be proud when they do well.

Positive praise can also be very motivational to a student. When you tell students that they are doing a good job, then they will feel good about themselves and want to keep doing well. It is important for the praise to be genuine, however.

Students are also more motivated when they find the class fun and interesting. One great way to do this is to make the class interactive. Instead of just lecturing the students, teachers should make activities in which the kids can participate. For instance, the kids can make up a game show that asks questions about the subject matter. In a science class they can do their own experiments instead of just hearing about them. In an English class they can act out the scenes from famous piece of literature instead of just reading them. The teacher should get the kids up and moving.

Students are also often motivated more when they have some control. If there is a way you can get the kids involved in making choices then they may be more interested. For instance, in an English class, perhaps you can give them several choices of books you can go over instead of just choosing one for them.

There are many different ways that you can motivate students in your classroom. Try to be positive around them and make it a happy atmosphere. With hard work and dedication you can motivate them to achieve more.