Free Thinking – Yes

Well, it is my understanding that the purpose of education is not to give us certain information as those in a higher office then ourselves see fit, but to give students all of he information, so they may decide what to do with it. What would you think if in maths we completely ignored non-euclidean geometry? Teaching concepts that contradict each-other are what allow us to to learn to think for ourselves. Unless of course those who wish to limit our understanding of concepts also wish to limit our capacity for independent thought.

Creationism should be taught alongside evolution for the simple reality that everything is a science if you think hard enough. Maths are the science of numeracy. physics, the science of movement, and english being the science of transmission of information. Thus, creationism must also be a science, as is evolution. On that grounds alone, creationism, as well as evolution should have a place in the education system.

Although people may believe to the contrary, and they are entitled by all means to believe so, it is rather irrational to limit information. I mean, is the goal of the modern education system not to create the leaders of tomorrow? How are they to become said leaders if they are never taught how think for themselves and make there own decisions? And as we all know, without the knowledge of an alternate choice, there is truly no choice at all. And without choices, where would we be today? Well, I highly doubt that I would posses the cognitive ability to write my opinion on this topic, that is for certain.

Beyond the world of education the knowledge of things that we disagree with or agree with is very important. For, if we were only given one term of the decision, then there would be no decision. We we would neither agree or disagree with anything. We would simply accept fact as all that there is to life. Now, I don’t know about you, but to me that doesn’t sound like much fun. No challenging widely held beliefs, or debating established fact would ever occur. Sounds kind of dull doesn’t it?

So, here is my view on the entire subject. Not only should children be taught creationism as well as evolution. Children should be taught all ideas that contradict each other in all fields of life, not merely academics. They should be taught the differentiation in views on multiple subjects, not simply those which are academic. We need free thinkers who are not afraid to challenge the thoughts of others for our society to flourish. What we do not need, are a bunch of people who have the capacity for innovations, but do not believe that there is in fact another side to the coin, despite the reality of the situation. Personally, I would like to live in a world where when you flip a quarter and ask “heads or tails?” you do not get a blank look.