Freelance Writing and Relevancy

Freelance writers do not always have clear, distinct or concise guidelines when writing articles for publication on the Internet. Thus, in terms of context, what they write may go many possible directions. This becomes problematic when their writing has no relevancy or is not relevant in terms of what is required for publication.

What is relevancy? suggests that the word relevancy means “The condition of being relevant, or connected with the matter at hand.”

What does being relevant or connected mean?

The word relevant refers to being “pertinent”.

Consider the following writing tips regarding when relevancy is important in freelance writing.

Search engine optimization (SEO):

Freelance writers who understand search engine optimization look for key words and phrases that offer potential directives in terms of publication expectations. One or more of these may be evident in the requested topic.

These key words or phrases provide appropriate guidelines in terms of topic relevancy. Adhering to them, as well as developing them further throughout an article, should make and keep an article pertinent. Key words and phrases also lead to appropriate research for articles.

Publication format:

Being familiar with, or knowing and understanding publishing format is important in terms of freelance writing relevancy. For example, an Internet publisher may be requesting articles with a specified format.

Adherence to that format increases the likelihood of publication and sales, while veering away from that specified format may result in rejection of an article, even though on its own, the article may have substantial merit. Improper formatting may also cause an article to lose its relevancy.

Chronological implications:

Chronology has important implications in terms of freelance writing relevancy.

Addressing chronological issues appropriately will lead an Internet publisher to accept articles because they are pertinent for the anticipated time frame. When articles do not adhere to a time frame, they stand to lose their relevancy. In other words, one cannot substitute outdated articles for those that should reveal ‘an eye to the future’. The same holds true for articles written with reference to specific places. Accuracy is important.            

Article placement:

Appropriate article placement is important in terms of freelance writing relevancy. An experienced freelance writer should be able to recognize when an article he or she has written is appropriate or relevant to a specific web site.

Submitting articles to an inappropriate web site can lead to frustration on the part of the freelance writer, as well as the potential publisher. When there is a question about article relevancy, the onus is on the freelance writer to find out from the potential publisher what is more appropriate.

Understanding relevancy is critical for freelance writer success with respect to potential article publication and sales. At times, trial and error can result in the growth of a freelance writer’s learning curve, but that is learning the hard way. Appropriate article management can help to prevent many relevancy issues.