Good Teachers know how to Communicate

Communication is one of the keys to a successful education. Many students should learn it, but many teachers should already know how to do it. Good teachers will need to know how to communicate well, not only because it enables them to teach their students better, but also to help them foster better relationships with their students.

While many people think that teachers already know how to communicate by the time they are teaching students, the reality is that many teachers fail to actually use their communication skills in the classroom setting. For example, teachers and parents should communicate often, either through telephone, through meetings, or even through e-mail or written notes. However, teachers and parents rarely do communicate, unless the meeting is mandatory.

Teachers may think that it is the parents’ responsibility to start the conversation about the student, it is actually the teacher’s responsibility to tell the parents about their child’s progress in class. This should be done through weekly or even bi-monthly communication, which doesn’t take long to do. Writing a short e-mail or note or making a quick phone call is easier than saying, Class is dismissed.

Communication between teachers and students, however, are even more important. A teacher who does not know how to explain a concept cannot expect to teach his or her students very well. If that teacher is an English teacher, the irony may be a little too much. Remember that communication plays a vital part in listening, speaking, and even writing. Without the ability to communicate well, a teacher can feel like he or she cannot connect with his or her students.

A good teacher will constantly make positive connections with his or her students. This is a teacher who shows that he/she cares, and this is a teacher who isn’t afraid to make a commitment that means more than just teaching for the required seven or eight hours a day. Good teachers not only want to teach well but they also know that in order to do so, they have to learn how to improve their teaching methods.

Although it seems difficult to find a good teacher, it is sometimes even more difficult to find a teacher who is willing to communicate with his or her students and with those students’ parents. However, since communication plays a vital role in education, it is important for every teacher to learn how to communicate effectively.