Good Teachers know how to Maintain Integrity

A good teacher will above all be able to maintain integrity in the classroom. Not only that, but a good teacher will maintain integrity in everything that they do. Far too often you hear about other public figures becoming embroiled in scandals, and you think that the whole world must just be in a moral mess these days. However, you can help your kids believe that there are people in the world who believe in things like integrity.

Not only should your students see you as someone who has integrity for that reason, but they need to see that you have integrity so that you can lead. A leader needs to have integrity, and if there is no integrity, there is no real reason why people should believe in you. For that reason alone you need to show some level of integrity. A lot of people depend on what you do in the classroom.

You are an example of what an adult should act like, and how a person should act like. Kids are going to be watching you at all times to see if you are favoring other students, or doing things that are just not fair in general. While you might think that since you are the teacher that you need not worry what the kids think, you need to be that leader at all times.

I remember I had a teacher once who was rumored to have interest in the female students in his class. It was somewhat suspicious some of the things he would do, the comments he would make and so on. When you are teaching high school it might not be that obvious what is going on, but you shouldn’t allow people to think that you are not showing integrity. Trust me, those types of teachers turn into jokes pretty quick.

A good teacher will maintain integrity at all times because that is what you need at all times to maintain order in the classroom. You need for your students to see you as a leader, and someone they can trust. If they can’t trust you, there is no reason why they should follow your lead in the classroom. There are many things that a teacher needs to be, but a person of integrity is certainly a main component.

Life is confusing, and can be awkward when you are kid. You need someone around you who can be a good role model, and your teachers should be able to do that. A good teacher will be able to do that for sure.