Great Teachers are Born

A good teacher is known through his/her ability to turn learners into good students. Teaching is more than just helping students achieve good grades. It’s about assisting them to become independent minded, capable of researching and tutoring themselves.

One requires special skills in order to inculcate a culture of discipline among his/her subjects. Students normally want to accomplish a task-finish assignment, attain good grades and move on to the next level–good teachers will show them how to look further than that by planning ahead

Not all teachers bear these special skills. They are special because a teacher has to be able to bond and understand a student before they can transform them into independent thinkers. Unfortunately, the ability to bond with just about any student is not taught in any teaching school. It is more of an inborn character trait.

Good teachers reduce the teacher-student gap as a matter of priority. The larger the gap, the harder it becomes to create a bond.

It is therefore, not by surprise that teachers who interact freely with their students, do on average, produce students who post higher grades. But it is not possible to force this kind of relationship. Indeed it almost feels like a powerful force of attraction in a special style between the teacher and students.

This quality of a good teacher is manifested in a person’s ability to be social. As they grow up, people who would be great teachers can be recognized by the way they are able to draw-in friends simply because they are eloquent. They are also very influential and good at mobilizing people. They possess the qualities of a leader even at a tender age. In fact, it is not by coincidence that some of the greatest leaders the World has known were once teachers at different levels.

Anyone can be taught how to impart knowledge to his or her subjects but it’s not everyone who can learn how to be a teacher. A great teacher sharpens not only the brain but also the morals of his students. Such teachers lead their students in the path of experience. Because of their ability to integrate various teaching aids they make learning enjoyable.

Many times, students complain about mind-numbing teachers. The effects of this can at times be catastrophic. Their Minds wonder out of class when they are in the presence of such teachers. Consequently, the students’ performance levels are hindered greatly. The opposite is true with great teachers. They liven up the class. They encourage learning as opposed to teaching. For this reason, they possess unique attributes that can not be learnt in school.